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MM School of Architecture conducted an expert lecture on ‘Historical developments in contemporary interiors’ for 4 th year students by Prof. Ripu Daman Singh from Giani Zail Singh College of Architecture, Bhatinda, an eminent expert in the field of Sacred Sikh Architecture. Along with this, a one day workshop was conducted for 1 st and 2 nd year students on ‘Rendering techniques for visual communication in architecture’ by eminent expert in Architectural Drawing’ by Prof. Jatinder Kaur, from Giani Zail Singh College of Architecture, Bhatinda, on 26 th October, 2018. Both the eminent experts have 16 publications in National and International conferences and Journals respectively. Prof Ripudaman’s research mainly focuses on Vernacular Architecture & Sustainability whereas Prof. Jatinder Kaur’s research mainly focuses on Green Buildings, Building Envelope Design for Energy Efficiency, and Greening of existing buildings.

Prof. Ripu Daman delivered an extremely informative lecture on ‘Historical development in Contemporary interiors’ in which he talked about various eras starting from Roman- Gothic-Renaissance- Mannerism- Baroque style- Rococo- and so on. He cited examples of great works done in this era by various pioneers such as Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Philip Jhonson and many more. Prof. Ripu Daman also talked about few interesting facts of contemporary architecture which was truly informative for the students as they were able to revive all that which is there in their course at present.

Prof. Jatinder Kaur, a very talented personality in the one day workshop on ‘Rendering
techniques for visual communication in architecture’ taught various drawing and painting techniques to the students. The students learned various techniques of pen and ink rendering, sketching with pencils of various grades & colors, wet on dry painting, dry on wet painting, and many more and with this, the students learned to express themselves through art. Prof. Jatinder, thoroughly explained various techniques so as to enhance the presentation of the architectural design sheets.


The workshop was designed and structured in such a way that it promoted fun and enjoyment along with learning which every student needs. Prof. Aradhana Jindal thanked the very great personalities of the day, Prof. Ripu Daman and Prof. Jatinder Kaur, for taking time from their respective schedules and sharing their knowledge and talent with the young minds of MMSOA.

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