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Expert Lecture By Ar. Siddhartha Wig

MM School of architecture organized an expert lecture on 15th November, 2018 by Ar. Siddhartha Wig on ‘Climate responsive architecture: a practitioner’s viewpoint’. Ar. Siddhartha is a well-known figure in climatology and sustainability and follows a holistic approach. His emphasis has always been on energy efficiency and causing minimal stress on environment. He has bagged many accolades, one of which is for HAREDA building, Panchkula and has been given a rating of GRIHA. Ar. Deeksha Sharma welcomed the guest speaker and addressed the students and faculty, talking about the crowning achievements of Ar. Siddhartha wig.

Ar. Siddhartha Wig then began the extremely informative lecture, where he discussed about the climate responsive and sustainable architecture. He mentioned that a green building can be sustainable but it’s not necessary that a sustainable building is a green building. While talking about some of his magnificent design projects, he explained how his projects are design and detail intensive and reflect his belief in a total design philosophy. He has been working for socially relevant, cost effective, energy efficient architecture and his design concepts revolve around orientation, zoning, envelope and opening.

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Ar. Siddhartha has handled around 250 mesmerizing projects all over India and abroad, such as ‘The Rishta Children’s Village’ in Derabassi, ‘Office Building for HAREDA’ in Panchkula and ‘The Gaj Retreat’ in Manaswal Hoshiarpur, Punjab, which are designed as per the concept which says, ‘taking less from earth and giving more to people’. He, while addressing the students discussed each and every aspect of his projects, which are so innovative. He also discussed about his main motive of designing that is planning with minimum resources and designing in a way that the design should be accurate and utilizing less area. The lecture was then followed by a brief interactive session where the students put across their doubts and the eminent speaker, very efficiently enlightened the students on climate responsive architecture.

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With such informative and catchy talks, Ar. Siddhartha wig has stirred up the minds of the young gems of MMSOA with excellence and tremendous knowledge. Prof. Aradhana Jindal, principal, thanked the eminent personality for sparing his valuable time for sharing his knowledge and awarded a token to respect to Ar. Siddhartha Wig.

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