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[UN] Plan – A Workshop by Ar. Dishant Bhatia

MM School of architecture organized one day workshop [UN] PLAN on 23rd August, 2019 by Ar. Dishant Bhatia. He is a graduate of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, Jammu and Kashmir in the year 2013.He graduated with 9.5 GPA in thesis, and got awarded with NIASA best thesis award and for best photography award by Mumbai moments of IIID. He is a practicing architect, graphic artist and founder of D.Studio, Delhi/Mumbai. Ar. Deeksha Sharma welcomed the guest speaker and addressed the students and faculty, talking about the crowning achievements of Ar. Dishant Bhatia followed by auspicious lamp lighting ceremony as a tribute to MaaSarasvati, the goddess of knowledge.

With over Six years of experience in the field of architecture and Graphic Design, Ar.Dishant Bhatia, has always been a keen observer for details. His knack ofphotography and documentation lead him to numerous solo trips to various citiesand monuments of architectural importance. Recently, he has taken up the initiativeof preparing a series of student-friendly architectural document of different cities inorder to provide access to the ‘hidden details’ of our indigenous architecture. Withthis workshop, he believes that a sense of belonging towards our architecturalsurroundings can be induced among the students that are going to lead the industryin upcoming years. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to build a community of students/architects who can document the rare structures and architectural marvelsof the country while travelling around and publish the same in order to serve theupcoming generations, as well.

[UN] Plan – A Workshop by Ar. Dishant Bhatia [UN] Plan – A Workshop by Ar. Dishant Bhatia

He started the workshop by discussing about the link between architecture and travel by giving relative examples to develop student’s understanding. He also threw light on the essence of spaces and how it can be relatedto all our five senses. His prime motive was to connect the students with the architecture and to study about the case studies, site studies and mostly how to connect our travelling experience with architecture.After a two hour seminar, he introduced an outdoor activity for which he asked the students to divide themselves in groups of eight or nine to do a case study of the college campus in which he told the students to incorporate all the pointsthat he discussed in his lectureand present the same. All the students participated with full enthusiasm and zeal.

In the evening session he discussed about documenting architecture. He explained the plans elevations and sketches in relation to architectural elements like doors, windows, etc. He also organized a memorizing exercise so that the idea of memorizing trips can be well understood.

[UN] Plan – A Workshop by Ar. Dishant Bhatia [UN] Plan – A Workshop by Ar. Dishant Bhatia

At last the session was concluded by the question and answer round with the distribution of documents, merchandise, useful resources and study kitspecially designed for students heading for such Trips/Tours. The very informative workshop then ended with a vote of thanks by Ar. Shreya Gupta and felicitation ceremony of Ar. Dishant Bhatia by Principal MMSOA, Prof. Aradhana Jindal.

Ar. Tanya has worked on Capston Project which is based on concepts of real property development i.e Vision, Plan, Development, Execution and Valuable real estate (product). She emphasised on checking scope of land as to what could be made on the basis of market research. She, while addressing the students discussed the proposed development plan of Dharavi, Mumbai as the Vision. She also discussed the factors which drives real estate and its three steps development cycle. Also, she explained one should look into the economic viability, social responsibility, beautiful design and environmental aspects of the project. She then briefed the students about Real estate Development Programs, curriculum, credit hours, schedule, hands on learning experiences, various competitions students participate in, institution building, career options in University of Maryland, USA. She then concluded her lecture by giving few success tips for future. The lecture was then followed by a concluding note by Ar. Surinder Bagha.

With such informative session, Ar. Tanya Bansal stirred up the minds of the young gems of MMSOA with excellence and career opportunities in real estate. Prof. Aradhana Jindal, principal, thanked the eminent personality for sparing her valuable time for sharing her knowledge and awarded a token of respect to Ar. Tanya Bansal.

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